HappyHongKong2047 was disturbed by Tokyo2020_003



2020年4月29日 水曜日 昭和の日

香港の日没時間 6時49分
サンパウロ 朝7時49分
タイ 夜5時49分

を目安にそれぞれが happyhongkong2047 was disturbed by Tokyo2020を念頭に行為を行う


In April 29th Wednesday 2020

(It is called “Showa Day” in Japan now, and used to be the day of Showa Emperor’s Birthday. In the day always Right wing and Left wing fight against each other.This is like customs. I don’t know about this year because of Covid-19. )

The time of sunset in Hong Kong is in 6:49 PM.

The time in San Paulo (Brazil) is in 7:49 AM.

The time in Bangkok (Thailand) is in 5:49PM.

The time in Japan is in 7:49PM.

Thinking about this Time and the theme “Happy Hong Kong2047 was disturbed by Tokyo2020”, the people are making actions or performances.






integrity・高潔 品位






香港を見て1時間歩く / 看香港,行走壹小時。/ Looking for HK, walking for 1 hour




An hour around the sunset, I had walked in a small mountain and looking for the direction of Hong Kong. Then some time to blow a conch and pick up a leave that is switching oxygen breathing after the sunset. The local time in Hong Kong is 1 hour behind Tokyo. So, at first, the Sun sets in Japan, then an hour later the sun sets in Hong Kong.



水面下で年号を数える /水下數年 / Counting years under water




I had counted from 2020 Tokyo to 2047 Hong Kong, then had counted from 2047 to 2020. I was shouting under the water, but my voice was less audible above the surface of the water than I had imagined. But you’ll know when you just do it.








I turned off the light of my room.
In the darkness,I opened the window.
Then I creat a haiku.

Springtime have almost gone.The darkness of my room.That’s how things go.









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